I Had The Feeling That You'd Open Up My Eyes

To A Whole New World That Had Since Been In Disguise

17 December
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"You start spending more time as an addict or a thief or even a killer than you do as yourself. Sooner or later you're gonna forget what parts are your cover and what parts are you. How long can you pretend to be something before you become it?"
"Unrequited love hurts. Because you see it, but you'll never have it. With love there has to be hope, otherwise it's just pain."
"The words were faraway thunder rolling over the plains, warning of something terrible. And sane people would run. People with something to lose would barricade themselves underground and wait for it to pass.

But there were others - people who chased storms. Plunged head first into the tempest, for reasons others would never understand. Oh, they gave it pretty names—science, knowledge, art—but those are just the excuses; the things they told other people, because maybe they just did it because they didn't know how not to.

Maybe everyone had something they didn't know how not to do.
You couldn’t change someone like him. He was elemental, a force of nature, terrible and destructive and magnificent. And the best you could hope to do, the only thing you could hope for was to protect yourself, to batten down the hatches and keep your loved ones safe, and pray it passed you by.

But there are people who chase storms . . .

People who challenged the elements head on because they had to, because they didn't have anything to lose, because it made them feel ferociously alive. But they never changed them. To think otherwise was madness or arrogance or both."